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Biodiversity Journal 2014, 5(1): 1-92

Hock Ping Guek & Roberto A. Pantaleoni. The genus Ankylopteryx Brauer, 1864 (Neuroptera Chrysopidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2014, 5 (1): I-II.

Amir Biranvand, Reza Jafari & Mehdi Zare Khormizi
Diversity and distribution of Coccinellidae ( Coleoptera) in Lorestan Province, Iran
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 3-8

Alessandro Ciampalini, Maurizio Forli, Andrea Guerrini & Franco Sammartino
The marine fossil malacofauna in a Plio-Pleistocenic section from Vallin Buio (Livorno, Tuscany, Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 9-18

Lin Lin, Ivan Rapuzzi, Li Jingke, Zhang Xueping & Gao Meixiang   
Notes on the Genus Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 of Mount Bing-La-Shan, Xifeng County, Liaoning Province, Northeast China (Coleoptera Carabidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 19-24

Cesare Brizio & Filippo Maria Buzzetti  
Ultrasound recordings of some Orthoptera from Sardinia (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 25-38

Salvatore Pasta, Arnold Sciberras, Jeffrey Sciberras & Leonardo Scuderi  
Analysis of the vascular flora of four satellite islets of the Egadi Archipelago (W Sicily), with some notes on their vegetation and fauna
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 39-54

Antonio Mazzei, Pietro Brandmayr, Salvatore Larosa, Maria Grazia Novello,  Stefano Scalercio  & Teresa Bonacci
Spatial distribution of Calomera littoralis nemoralis (Olivier, 1790) in a coastal habitat of Southern Italy and its importance for conservation (Coleoptera Carabidae Cicindelinae) 
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 55-60  

Vikram Singh & Harjeet Singh Banyal   
Preliminary ecological studies on the Lepidoptera from Khajjiar lake catchment, Himachal Pradesh, India
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 61-68   

Gianfranco Caoduro, Roberto Battiston, Pier Mauro Giachino, Laura Guidolin & Giuliano Lazzarin
Biodiversity indices for the assessment of air, water and soil quality of the “Biodiversity Friend” certification  in temperate areas                   
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 69-86   

Giovanni Onore, Davide Badano & Roberto A. Pantaleoni 
Heliographic signalling in Haploglenius Burmeister, 1839 (Neuroptera Ascalaphidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (1): 87-91 




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