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Biodiversity Journal 2014, 5(3): 375-444

Vittorio Aliquò          
The family of Tenebrionidae Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): I-II

Veerasamy Aravindhan & Arumugam Rajendran
Diversity of invasive plant species in Boluvampatti forest Range, Southern Western Ghats, India
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 377-386

Dexter S. Ontoy & Roberto N. Padua 
Measuring species diversity for conservation biology: incorporating social and ecological importance of species
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 387-390

Pietro Lo Cascio & Vincent Rivière   
Herpetofaunal inventory of Kuriat and Jbel islets (Tunisia)
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 391-396

Claudio Di Russo, Mauro Rampini  & Marina Cobolli        
The cave crickets of Greece: a contribution to the study of Southern Balkan Rhaphidophoridae diversity (Orthoptera), with the description of a new species of  Troglophilus Krauss, 1879
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 397-420

Calogero Muscarella    
On the presence of Buprestis (Ancylocheira) cupressi Germar, 1817 (Coleoptera Buprestidae) in Sicily, Italy
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 421-424

Chiara Di Leo,  Francesco Paolo Faraone & Mario Lo Valvo  
A new record of the Red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) (Crustacea Cambaridae), in Sicily, Italy
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 425-428

Vittorio Aliquò & Fabien Soldati   
Updating the CD-rom on Coleoptera Tenebrionidae of Italy and the check-list of the same family
Biodiversity Journal, 5 (3): 429-442





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