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Biodiversity Journal 2016, 7(1): 1-200

Danilo Scuderi
Polycera quadrilineata (O.F. Müller, 1776) (Gastropoda Polyceridae).
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): I-II

Lamanna Francesco
Nesting of the Black Stork Ciconia nigra Linnaeus, 1758 (Aves Ciconiidae) in the Fiumara Vitravo Valley (Calabria, Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 3-6

Erika Meerhoff; David Veliz; Caren Vega-Retter & Beatriz Yannicelli
The amphioxus Epigonichthys maldivensis (Forster Cooper, 1903) (Cephalochordata Branchiostomatidae) larvae in the plankton from Rapa Nui (Chile) and ecological implications
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 7-10

Ivan Rapuzzi
Description of three new subspecies of Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 (subgenus Coptolabrus Solier, 1848) and taxonomic changing on some Carabus from Far East of Russia (Coleoptera Carabidae Carabinae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 11-16

Yusli Wardiatno, Agus Alim Hakim, Ali Mashar, Nurlisa Alias Butet, Luky Adrianto & Achmad Farajallah
On the presence of the Andaman lobster, Metanephrops andamanicus (Wood-Mason, 1891) (Crustacea Astacidea Nephropidae) in Palabuhanratu bay (S-Java, Indonesia)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 17-20

O. Eric Ramírez-Bravo
Does local knowledge change after a species long term absence? The case of giant river otters Pteronura brasiliensis Gmelin, 1788 (Carnivora Mustelidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 21-24

Xiongwen Chen & Tuo Feng
Patterns of Butterfly distribution in Alabama, USA (Lepidoptera)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 25-32

Nicola Maio,  Vincenzo Maione & Riccardo Sgammato
First record of a Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae  (Borowski, 1781) in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Cetacea Balaenopteridae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 33-38

Sunil Kumar Gupta 
Systematic account of Orthoptera fauna of Bastar district, Chhattisgarh, India
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 39-50

Paolo Galasso, Nadia Curcuraci & Alessandro Marletta
First record of Brachytron pratense (Müller, 1764) in Sicily (Odonata Aeshnidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 51-54

Bruno Amati & Marco Oliverio
First record of Callistochiton pachylasmae (Monterosato, 1879) for the Adriatic Sea (Polyplacophora Callistoplacidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 55-57


Proceedings of the Ninth Malacological Pontine Meeting, October 3rd-4th, 2015 - San Felice Circeo, Italy

Carlo Smriglio, Paolo Mariottini & Salvatore Giacobbe
Jujubinus errinae n. sp. (Gastropoda Trochidae) from the Strait of Messina, Mediterranean Sea
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 59-66

Giulia Furfaro & Paolo Mariottini
Check-list of the Nudibranchs (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the biodiversityhot spot “Scoglio del Corallo” (Argentario promontory, Tuscany)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 67-78

Marco Passamonti
Barycypraea teulerei (Cazenavette, 1845) (Gastropoda Cypraeidae): a successful species or an evolutionary dead-end?
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 79-88

Bruno Fumanti & Italo Nofroni
Contribution to the knowledge of the molluscan thanatocoenosis of Zannone Island (Pontine Archipelago, Latium,   Italy). Additional reports.
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 89-92

Alessandro Hallgass & Angelo Vannozzi
Terrestrial gastropods (Mollusca Gastropoda) from Lepini Mountains (Latium, Italy): a first contribution
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 93-102

Francesco Pusateri, Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli & Stefano Bartolini
A revision of the Mediterranean Raphitomidae, 3: on the Raphitoma pupoides (Monterosato, 1884) complex, with the description of a new species (Mollusca Gastropoda)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 103-115




On the origin of allopatric primate species

Marc G.M. van Roosmalen & Tomas van Roosmalen

Biodiversity Journal, 7 (1): 117-198






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