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Biodiversity Journal 2016, 7(2): 201-294

Cristina Cattaneo
Campanula laciniata L. (Campanulaceae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): I-II

Khajeh Asghar, Darvish Jamshid & Razmi Gholam Reza
A contribution on rodents fauna of the Jaz Murian depression, southeast Iran
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 203-214

Sreekala K. Nair & D. J. Bhat
Diversity and seasonal appearance of aquatic fungi in three streams of Western Ghat forests of Goa, India
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 215-222

Tamer Mahmoud, Sanjay Gairola, Hatem Shabana & Ali El-Keblawy
Contribution to the flora of United Arab Emirates: Glinus lotoides L. (Molluginaceae) and Senna occidentalis L. (Fabaceae) two new records
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 223-228

Souheila Ouamane, Lyamine Mezedjri & Ali Tahar
Quality of swimming waters in the Gulf of Skikda (Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 229-232

Amel Bellal, Naouel Amel Brahim Tazi, Zakia Hadjou & Zitouni Boutiba
First records of digenean trematodes of two fishes (Teleostei Sparidae) from the West  Algerian coast and comparative study with Tunisian coast (Mediterranean Sea West)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 233-240

Sitthi Kulabtong  & Mahaprom Rujira
Preliminary survey of hill stream fishes in Upper Cyber Stream, outside Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, West Thailand
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 241-248

Calogero Muscarella & Maurizio Pavesi
Princidium (Testedium) laetum (Brullé, 1836) new to Italian fauna (Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae Bembidiini)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 249-252

Sitthi Kulabtong 
Biological data of Burmese carplet  Amblypharyngodon atkinsonii (Blyth, 1860) in South Myanmar (Cypriniformes Cyprinidae): a preliminary report
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2):  253-256

Salvatore Giacobbe & Antonio Di Bella 
About the wide Mediterranean distribution of the “geographically localized” Clelandella myriamae  (Gofas, 2005)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 257-260

Khaldoun Ali & Pierpaolo Rapuzzi
Second contribution to the knowledge of  Longhorn Beetles of  the Syrian Coastal Region (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 261-272

Vaishali Gupta, Jaishree Dubey & Naveen K. Verma
Seasonal biodiversity of cyanobacteria in besmirched habitats
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 273-286

Danilo Scuderi & Douglas J. Eernisse
A new alien limpet for the Mediterranean: Lottia sp. (Patellogastropoda Lottiidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7 (2): 287-293





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