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Biodiversity Journal 2016, 7(4): 387-954


Paolo Stara
Echinoids and paleo-geographic reconstructions
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): I-II

Arnaldo Bordoni
Revision of the Afrotropical Xantholinini (Coleoptera Staphylinidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 389-894 

Muddula Krishna Naranji, Govinda Rao Velamala & Kandula Sujatha
Pterois paucispinula Matsunuma et Motomura, 2015 (Actinopteri Scorpaenidae) a new distributional record from Indian waters
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 897-900 

Rudi Alek Wahyudin, Agus Alim Hakim, Mennofatria Boer,  Achmad Farajallah & Yusli Wardiatno
New records of Panulirus femoristriga Von Martens, 1872 (Crustacea Achelata Palinuridae) from Celebes and Seram Islands, Indonesia
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 901-906 

Anna Maria Mannino, Stefano Donati & Paolo Balistreri
The Project “Caulerpa cylindracea in the Egadi Islands”: citizens and scientists working together to monitor marine alien species
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 907-912

Farah Bano & Mohammad Serajuddin
Biodiversity, Threat Status and Conservation Priority of Icthyo-fauna of River Gomti at Lucknow Region, India     
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 913-922

Iswarya Bhagyaraj & Vijaya Ramesh Kunchithapatham
Diversity and distribution of seaweeds in the shores and water lagoons of Chennai and Rameshwaram coastal areas, South-Eastern coast of India
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 923-934   

Yaser Fatemi, Gilan Attaran-Fariman & Paolo Stara
Sculpsitechinus iraniensis n. sp. (Clypeasteroida Astriclypeidae), from Chabahar Bay, southeast coast of Iran
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 935-944                

Roberto Viviano & Arturo Viviano
New data on Coleoptera species in Nature Reserve “Torre Salsa” (Sicily, Italy)    
Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 945-950

Biodiversity Journal, 7(4): 951-952






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