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Biodiversity Journal 2017, 8(2): 315-772

Alessandro Margelli
Cochlodina (Procochlodina) kuesteri (Rossmässler, 1836) (Gastropoda Clausillidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): I-II


Paolo Stara & Enrico Borghi
Revision of the genus Amphiope L. Agassiz, 1840 (Echinoidea Astriclypeidae) with the description of a new species from the Miocene of France
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 315-389


Lo Brutto Sabrina, Schimmenti Eugenia & Iaciofano Davide (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 17th International Colloquium on Amphipoda (17th ICA), September 4th-7th 2017, Trapani (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 391-688

Aouissi Nora, Amel Hamza-Meddad & Djemai Rachid  
Impact of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Fertilization Levels on biochemical changes in potato (Solanum tuberosum L., Solanales Solanaceae)
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 689-696

Iris Biondi, Marzio Zapparoli, Ulderico Neri & Francesco Antonio Biondi
Relationships between macroarthropods assemblages and soil characteristics: data from forest habitats of Central Italy
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 697-718

Zhiying Chen, Tao Qin & Xiaoyong Chen
A new genus record of  Yasuhikotakia Nalbant, 2002 (Teleostei Botiidae) and a new species record of Brachydanio Weber et de Beaufort, 1916 (Teleostei Cyprinidae) to China
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 719-724

Giulia Furfaro & Egidio Trainito 
A new species from the Mediterranean Sea and North-Eastern Atlantic Ocean: Knoutsodonta pictoni n. sp. (Gastropoda Heterobranchia Nudibranchia)
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 725-738

Sunil Kumar Gupta & Kailash Chandra
A Taxonomic study of the Pygmygrasshopper  (Orthoptera Tetrigidae) from India  with description of a new species
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 739-748

Francesco M. Angelici & Lorenzo Rossi
Further lion, Panthera leo senegalensis Meyer, 1826, sightings in Mole National Park, Ghana, and possible first serval Leptailurus serval Schreber, 1776 record after 39 years (Mammalia Felidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 749-752

Giuseppe Fabrizio Turrisi & Giovanni Altadonna
A report on two alien invasive species of the genus Sceliphron
Klug, 1801 (Hymenoptera Sphecidae) from Sicily, with a brief faunistic update on the native species
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 753-762

Andrea Battisti & Maurizio Pavesi   
First records of breeding Sympecma paedisca (Brauer, 1877) (Odonata Lestidae) in Italy
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 763-768

David P. Cilia
Contributions to the malacology of Malta, III. First record of Planorbella duryi (Wetherby, 1879) Gastropoda Planorbidae) for Comino
Biodiversity Journal, 8 (2): 769-771




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