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Biodiversity Journal 2019, 10(4): 305-608


Amedeo Falci
Muscari gussonei (Parl.) Nyman (Asparagaceae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): I–II

Rubens Pasa, Caroliny Helena Moreira Fernandes, Renan Rodrigues Rocha & Karine Frehner Kavalco
Distribution and morphological diversity of Astyanax rivularis Lütken, 1874 (Teleostei Characiformes) in the upper São Francisco River basin, Brazil
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 307–314

Abdenour Kheloufi, Lahouaria Mounia Mansouri & Rabeh Belatreche
Coexistence of Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae) on the Milkweed Pergularia tomentosa L. (Asclepiadaceae) in Aïn Naga (Biskra, Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 315–320

Giovanni Paolino, Raffaella Scotti & Mauro Grano
First detection of the “flowerpot snake” Indotyphlops braminus (Daudin, 1803) (Serpentes Typhlopidae) in Ischia (Italy): a new possible invasive species
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 321–324

Naoto Jimi, AtsushiYamaguchi & Yoshihiro Fujiwara
Morphological and genetic confirmation of extensive distribution of a pelagic polychaete Poeobius meseres Heath, 1930 (Annelida Flabelligeridae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 325–328

Davide Vancheri, Andrea Tetamo, Stefano Reale, Eugenia Oliveri & Gabriele Ciaccio
Melissopalinological study of Sicilian honey by morphological and molecoular approach
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 329–336

Danilo Scuderi & Alfio Viola
The last alien reaching Sicily: Isognomon legumen (Gmelin, 1791) (Mollusca Bivalvia Isognomonidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 337–342

Aouicha Haddou-Dekhir, Yacine Boutiba, Sihem Abid-Kachour, Fatima Zohra Khelil-Radji & Mohamed Bouderbala
The benthic stands of the soft and rocky substrates of the Paloma Island, Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 343–352

Nardjess Benamar
Some parameters of growth, mortality and exploitation rate of round sardinella, Sardinella aurita Valencienne, 1847 (Pisces Clupeidae), fished in Oran bay (Algeria) 
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 353–358

Carlo Smriglio, Paolo Mariottini & Frank Swinnen
Jujubinus silbogomerus n. sp. (Gastropoda  Trochidae) from the Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 359–364

Salvatore Giacobbe, Medea Lo Piccolo & Giuseppe Scaduto
Forty-seven years later: the blue crab Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, 1896 (Crustacea Decapoda Portunidae) reappears in the Strait of Messina (Sicily, Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 365–368


Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Biodiversity “Man, Natural Habitats and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity” - November 17th-19th, 2017 – MALTA

Alfredo Petralia
Introduction. Considerations on the 4th International Congress on Biodiversity “Man, Natural Habitats and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity”
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 371–372

Marco Masseti
Terrestrial mammals of the satellite islands of Sardinia (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 373–382

Anna Maria Mannino & Paolo Balistreri
Effects of Caulerpa cylindracea Sonder (Chlorophyta Caulerpaceae) on marine biodiversity
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 383–388

Giambattista Bello
The Mediterranean Sepiolidae (Mollusca Cephalopoda) diversity
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 389–404

Danilo Scuderi,  Alberto Villari & Massimiliano Angelico
Massive beaching record along the sandy coast of Catania (E-Sicily) of the rare “mole crab” Albunea carabus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Decapoda Anomura Hippoidea)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 405–408

Danilo Scuderi,  Alberto Villari & Alfio Viola
New taxonomical and biological observations on Jujubinus seguenzae Ghisotti et Melone, 1975 (Gastropoda Vetigastropoda Trochidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 409–414

Danilo Scuderi, Paolo Balistreri  & Alfio Germana
Are Pinctada radiata (Leach, 1814) and Pinctada fucata (Gould, 1850) (Bivalvia Pteriidae) only synonyms or really different species? The case of some Mediterranean populations
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 415–426

Annalisa Guercio, Santina Di Bella, Giusi Macaluso, Patrizia Di Marco, Maria Piazza, Laura Russotto, Stefano Vullo, Francesco Mira & Giuseppa Purpari 
The Biobank of the “Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale” of Sicily (Italy): an important resource in medical research for safe and quality storage of biological specimens
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 427–430

Giuseppa Purpari, Giusi Macaluso, Santina Di Bella, Francesco Mira,  Vincenza Cannella, Francesca Gucciardi,  Alessandra Castiglia, Patrizia Di Marco & Annalisa Guercio 
Viral encephalopathy and retinopathy (VER) in Mediterranean wild and farmed fish species: the experience of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Sicily (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 431–436

Giuseppa Purpari, Santina Di Bella, Francesca Gucciardi, Francesco Mira, Santino Barreca, Laura Di Paola, Giusi Macaluso, Patrizia Di Marco & Annalisa Guercio
Detection of human enteric viruses in water and shellfish samples collected in Sicily (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 437–444

Viviana Giangreco, Tiziana Lupo, Ignazio Sammarco, Maurizio Bivona, Gabriele Ciaccio, Luca Sineo & Stefano Reale
Genetic database development for the characterisation of Sicilian sheep population
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 445–450

Eugenia Oliveri, Davide Vancheri, Andrea Tetamo, Alessia Galanti, Pierluigi Ferina, Mariella Piazza & Stefano Reale
Creation of a pollen database for Mediterranean flowering plants
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 451–456

Maria Flaminia Persichetti, Viviana Giangreco, Antonio Gentile, Tiziana Lupo, Gabriele Ciaccio & Santo Caracappa
Molecular barcoding applied to the Mediterranean turtles biological matrices (Reptilia Cheloniidae)      
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 457–461

Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico,  Antonello Cicero,  Valentina Cumbo, Francesca Ornella Assiria, Giuseppe Giusto,  Andrea Macaluso, Barbara Randisi, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Michele Chetta, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Investigation on the presence of Dioxins in the Sicilian  Sheep’s milk
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 463–464

Stefania Graci, Rosaria Collura, Maria Drussilla Buscemi, Antonella Costa, Gaetano Cammilleri,  Valentina Cumbo, Giuseppe Giangrosso, Michele Chetta, Antonello Cicero,  Antonio Vella,  Andrea Macaluso & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Detection of Anisakidae larvae in fish products commercialized in Sicily
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 465–468

Luigi Maria Mammina, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Claudio Fiorista, Pietro Sposito, Innocenzo Ezio Giangrosso, Valentina Cumbo, Michele Chetta, Andrea Macaluso, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi, Antonio Vella &  Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Sulphite’s determination of Mediterranean Red Shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea), in ionic chromatografy
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 469–470

Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Antonello Cicero, Giovanni Lo Cascio,  Valentina Cumbo, Francesca Ornella Assiria,  Andrea Macaluso, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosa Filippi, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Barbara Randisi, Rosaria Collura, Vita Giaccone, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella &  Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Use of terrestrial gastropods (Cornu aspersum) as bioindicators of the environmental contamination status of the Sicilian Natural Parks to assess the contamination status of the pastures 
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 471–473

Gaetano Cammilleri, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi, Rosaria Collura, Antonella Costa, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Francesca Ornella Assiria, Michele Chetta, Innocenzo Ezio Giangrosso1, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Valentina Cumbo, Antonio Vella,  Andrea Pulvirenti & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
New report of Anikasis larvae from Blunthead Puffer, Sphoeroides pachygaster caught off Strait of Sicily
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 475–478                                       

Antonio Vella, Graziella Graci, Francesco Olibrio, Valentina Cumbo, Antonello Cicero, Daniele Di Salvo, Giulia Caracappa & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Presence of Ocratoxin (OTA) in wine produced in Sicily (Italy)                
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 479–480

Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Antonello Cicero, Licia Pantano, Giuseppe Giangrosso, Ignazio Munna, Andrea Pulvirenti, Francesca Ornella Assiria,  Vincenza Lo Verde,  Andrea Macaluso, Gaetano Cammilleri, Valentina Cumbo, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella &  Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Evaluation of Histamine level in the Red Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) of the Mediterranean Sea in 2010–2015             
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 481–484

Maria Drussilla Buscemi, Francesca Ornella Assiria, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Viviana Giangreco, Ilaria Rizzuto, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Valentina Cumbo, Antonio Spinnato, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Molecular identification of larvae for Anisakidae family reduced in benthic and pelagic fish 
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 485–488

Claudio Fiorista, Luigi Maria Mammina, Michele Chetta, Pietro Sposito,  Antonello Cicero, Innocenzo Ezio Giangrosso,  Valentina Cumbo,  Francesca Ornella  Assiria,  Andrea Macaluso, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Ilaria Rizzuto, Viviana Giangreco, Giulio Bagnato & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Sulphite’s determination in equine meat and its preparations
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 489–490

Giovanni Lo Cascio, Barbara Randisi, Nicola Cicero, Valentina Cumbo, Andrea Pulvirenti, Andrea Macaluso, Michele Chetta, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella & Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Determination of Chlorpyriphos in Sicilian peaches by  Gascromatography-MSMS method coupled with quechers sample preparation procedure preparation                                  
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 491–492

Vita Giaccone, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Licia Pantano, Gaetano Cammilleri, Valentina Cumbo,  Antonio Vella, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Ilaria Rizzuto, Barbara Randisi, Giulio Bagnato,  Andrea Pulvirenti & Andrea Macaluso
First report on the presence of Alloxan in Bleached Flour by LC-MS/MS Method 
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 493–494

Vincenzo Ferrantelli, Antonella Costa, Stefania Graci, Gaetano Cammilleri, Maria Drussilla Buscemi, Rosaria Collura, Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Valentina Cumbo, Francesca Ornella Assiria, Michele Chetta,  Andrea Macaluso & Antonio Vella
Impact of the “Anisakis C.Re.N.A.” APP
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 495–496

Gianluigi Maria Lo Dico, Antonello Cicero, Ladislao La Scala, Innocenzo Ezio Giangrosso, Ignazio Munna, Antonella  Amato, Francesca Ornella  Assiria,  Vincenza Lo Verde,  Andrea  Macaluso, Gaetano Cammilleri, Rosaria Collura, Stefania Graci,  Valentina Cumbo, Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo, Giulia Caracappa, Maria Drussilla Buscemi,  Antonio Vella &  Vincenzo Ferrantelli
Heavy metal toxicity and food contamination: lead, cadmium, and mercury determination on fish matrices from the FAO 37.2.2
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 497–498

Agatino Reitano, Fabio Liberto, Maria Stella Colomba, Ignazio Sparacio & Rossana Sanfilippo
Notes on some interesting species of Mollusca Gastropoda of the Monterosato collection preserved into the “Museo di Scienze della Terra” of Catania (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 499–516

Maria Stella Colomba, Armando Gregorini, David P. Cilia, Fabio Liberto, Agatino Reitano &  Ignazio Sparacio
Molecular studies on the genus Muticaria Lindholm, 1925 (Pulmonata, Clausiliidae) from the Maltese Islands
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 517–526

Fabio Liberto, Maria Stella Colomba & Ignazio Sparacio
New data on the genus Albinaria (Pulmonata Clausiliidae) from the Astypalea Island and neighboring islets (Dodecanese Archipelago, Greece)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 527–546

Michele Bellavista & Ignazio Sparacio
Saproxylic invertebrate fauna (Coleoptera, Lepidoptera) of the urban green areas of the city of Palermo (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 547–564

Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Biodiversity “Man, Natural Habitats and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity” - November 17th-19th, 2017 – MALTA, Index
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 565–566


Fahima Neffar, Leila Rouahna, Tayeb Kerris & Fouad Meradsi
Characterization of gypsy moth Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera Lymantriidae) eggs in Cork oak forests of the Kabylie region (Jijel-Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 569–576

Amine Ghelamallah, Rachid Bouhraoua, Ehsan Rakhshani, José M. Michelena, Djilali Benabdelmoumene, Mar Ferrer-Suay & Juli Pujade-Villar
Bioecological study of parasitic complexes of aphids in North-West Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 577–588

Pierpaolo Rapuzzi & Toni Koren
Saphanus piceus perovici n. ssp. from Pag Island, Croatia (Coleoptera Cerambycidae Spondylidinae Saphanini)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 589–592

Belhocine Karim, Gasmi Yousria & Khati Wyllia
Influence of total length, sex and seasonal variations on hematological parameters in Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pisces Cyprinidae), Lake Tonga (Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 593–600

Antonio Scupola

New ant species of Myrmicaria Saunders, 1842 (Hymenoptera Formicidae) from Senegal, a second species with subpetiolar process in this genus
Biodiversity Journal, 2019, 10 (4): 601–607





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