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Biodiversity Journal 2021, 12(4): 763-1036


Paolo Mariottini
Astrospartus mediterraneus (Risso, 1826)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): I–II

Pietro Lo Cascio
Ornithological observations from São Tomé and Príncipe islands (Gulf of Guinea, West Africa)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 765–775

Leon Hoffman & André Freiwald
Bathyal species in Rissoidae (Gastropoda) from Azorean seamounts
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 777–792

Cesare Bogi, Riccardo Giannuzzi Savelli, Francesco Pusateri & Gianni Spada
A new species of Bela Leach in J.E. Gray, 1847a (Conoidea Mangeliidae) from Creta (Mediterranean Sea)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 793–798

Iman Alkharusi & Khalfan Alrashdi
First record of sergestid shrimp, Challengerosergia umitakae (Hashizume et Omori, 1995) (Decapoda Sergestidae) collected from the Arabian Sea of Oman
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 799–803

Benali Abdel Wahab Wahid, Labdelli Fatiha, Maamar Benchohra, Adamou-Djerbaoui Malika & Nouar Belgacem
Strategy efficiency to control Meriones shawi (Duvernoy, 1842) (Rodentia Gerbillinae) infestation in Tiaret region during the period (2015–2020), Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 805–810

Shiela L. Vidallon & Axel H. Arriola
A Preliminary Checklist of Vascular Plants in Tarak Ridge trail of Mt. Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 811–823

Mario F. Broggi
The decline of the herpetofauna populations related to open water resources on Aegean islands using the example of Kythnos
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 825–831

Djaouida Nouasria, Lyamine Mezedjri, Ali Tahar & Azzedine Hadef
Study of the flora richness of the region of Guelma (North East of Algeria): production of a preliminary list of species found
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 833–839

Italo Nofroni & Walter Renda
Reestablishment of the name Skeneoides formosissima (Brugnone, 1873) instead of S. jeffreysii (Monterosato, 1872) nomen nudum (Gastropoda Vetigastropoda Skeneidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 841–846

Tir Elhadj, Haddouche Driss, Nouar Belgacem & Maamar Benchohra
Spatial analysis of the regeneration after fire in forest of Lardjem (Wilaya of Tissemsilt, Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 847–853

Mustapha Boudjenah
Characterization of the ecosystem and the status of phytoplankton populations in the Alboran Sea and the Algerian Basin from 2013 to 2015 during the spring season
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 855–863

Nawel Kheroufi, Amel Hamdani & Noureddine Soltani
Acute exposure of cadmium on Donax trunculus Linnaeus, 1758 (Mollusca Bivalvia) during the vitellogenesis process: histological and biochemical aspects
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 865–873

Marco Masseti & Bruno Zava
Extinct and living mammals of the island of Marettimo (Aegadian archipelago, Trapani), off the north-western Sicilian coast (Italy): a review of evidence and historical data
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 875–885

Belhacini Fatima & Anteur Djame
Phytodiversity the group to Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) Mast. (Pinales Cupressaceae) in the Dahra region (Chlef -Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 887–891

Samujjal Saharia & Prasanta Kumar Saikia
Ecological studies and status of lesser cats and other small carnivores in India
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 893–897

Orazio Caldarella, Alfonso La Rosa & Eduardo Di Trapani
New data about the distribution of Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb. (Convolvulaceae) in Sicily
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 899–903

Andrea Lombardo & Giuliana Marletta
Contribution to the knowledge of Pleurobranchus testudinarius Cantraine, 1835 (Gastropoda Pleurobranchida) along the centraleastern coast of Sicily (Ionian Sea)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 905–912

Andrea Lombardo
The Nudibranchs (Gastropoda Heterobranchia) of the central-eastern coast of Sicily I: Suborder Cladobranchia
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 913–935

Agatino Reitano & Danilo Scuderi
A new species of Putzeysia Sulliotti, 1889 (Gatropoda Eucyclidae) from the Ionian Sea (Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 937–946

Gianfranco Curletti
Agrilus (Anambus) peloritanus n. sp. from eastern Sicily, Italy (Coleoptera Buprestidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 947–950

Salhi Sara, Babahani Souad, Danone Dalal & Hamdi Fatima Zohra
Diversity of fruit trees in the palm grove of the Ouargla region (Algeria): case of the traditional perimeters
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 951–955

Lyas Baikeche, Abdelkader Lounaci, Matthew Ford, Dhya Lounaci-Daoudi & Jörg Freyhof
Freshwater fishes of West Kabylia, Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 957–966

Valeriano Spadini
The Asterosmilia Duncan, 1864 (Anthozoa Scleractinia) from El Lobillo (Estepona Basin, Spain)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 967–971

Gianfranco Curletti
Agrilus evocatus n. sp. of peninsular Italy and the some Tyrrhenian islands (Coleoptera Buprestidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 973–976

Alfredo Petralia, Pietro Fiandaca, Ettore Petralia, Giorgio Sabella, Gaetano Torrisi, Corrado Bianca, Francesco Lamanna & Caterina Dima
On the presence and localization of Brachytrupes megacephalus (Lefebvre, 1827) (Orthoptera Gryllidae) in the “Oriented Natural Reserve Simeto Oasis” (Sicily, Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 977–992

Mauro M. Brunetti & Ermanno Quagiotto
On a new finding of Euciroa arenosa (Rayneval in Appelius, 1871) for the Lower Pliocene of the Mediterranean Basin (Mollusca Bivalvia Euciroidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 993–996

Franco Strumia & Toshko Ljubomirov
On the interference color variations in the Hedychridium roseum species-group (Hymenoptera Chrysididae) from Bulgaria
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 997–1009
https://doi.org/10.31396/Biodiv.Jour.2021.12.4. 997.1009

Giuliana Marletta
Status of shallow Fucales (Ochrophyta) assemblages in the bay of Brucoli, eastern coast of Sicily (Ionian Sea)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 1011–1026
https://doi.org/10.31396/Biodiv.Jour.2021.12.4. 1011.1026

Ignazio Sparacio & Salvatore Surdo
New data on Calomera panormitana panormitana (Ragusa, 1906) in Sicily (Coleoptera Cicindelidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2021, 12 (4): 1027–1034




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