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Biodiversity Journal 2021, 13(1): 1-294


Andrea Lombardo & Giuliana Marletta
The nudibranchs (Gastropoda Heterobranchia) of the central-eastern coast of Sicily, II: Suborder Doridina
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 297–320

Zineb Maammeri, Aicha Madi, Nour-el-Houda Hamoud & Zouhir Djerrou
Chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activities from methanolic extract of Crataegus monogyna Jacq. (Rosaceae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 321–327

Sana Besnaci, Mabrouka Bouacha, Yamine Babouri, Labiba Zerari & Samira Bensoltane
Toxicity assessment of a binary nanometric mixture (ZnO/Fe2O3) in Cornu aspersum (Müller, 1774) (Gastropoda Helicidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 329–338

Rhim Ayyah C. Kamir & Olga M. Nuñeza
Species composition of cave-dwelling reptiles and their microhabitats in Agusan del Sur, Philippines
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 339–350

Pierluigi Piras & Domenico Meloni
Occurrence of Scalloped ribbonfish, Zu cristatus Bonelli, 1819 (Lampriformes Trachipteridae), in the Gulf of Cagliari (South Sardinia, Italy)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 351–353

Danilo Scuderi & Alberto Villari
Further two alien species for the Sicilian waters: Aplus assimilis (Reeve,1846) and Mitrella psilla (Duclos, 1846) (Gastropoda Neogastropoda)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 355–359

Amy A. Legaspi, Aizel T. Dela Peña, Zachary P. Osin & Richel E. Relox
Diet Composition and Determination of Total Mercury in the Gut of Fejervarya cancrivora (Gravenhorst, 1829) (Anura Dicroglossidae) in Gango, Libona, Bukidnon, Philippines
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 361–366

Jin-Fei Xiao, Bu-Yun Zhang, Hua Peng & Chun-Lei Xiang
Corydalis anaginova Lidén & Z.Y. Su, 1997 (Papaveraceae), a rare species from Tibet rediscovered in China
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 367–372

Kawther Abdelhamid, Nadia Bouchenafa, Khalladi Mederbal & Fatima Dahlia
Assessment of morphological variability of leaves and fruits of three natural populations of wild caper (Capparis spinosa L.) in western Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 373–380

Souheila Ouamane, Ali Bouzekri & Lyamine Mezedjri
Physicochemical and bacteriological quality of drinking water from different regions of the wilaya of Skikda (Algeria)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 381–385

Agatino Reitano, Danilo Scuderi & Alberto Villari
Lectotype designation for Putzeysia clathrata (Aradas, 1847) (Gastropoda Eucyclidae) and its systematic position
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 387–397

Antonino Dentici, Antonino Barbera, Angelo Ditta & Salvatore Surdo
On some new reports on the spider fauna of Italy and Sicily (Arachnida Araneae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 399–408

Jessa Marie Salvador-Caabay
Ecology and Diversity of Lampyridae (Firefly): Checklist, State of Knowledge, and Priorities for Future Research and Conservation in the Philippines
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 409–416

Yasmina Agagna, Khadidja Boudjemaa, Narimene Oussalah, Ibtissem Beloued, Khaoula Aroua & Mohamed Biche
Ecological relationship between Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman, 1869) (Homoptera  Diaspididae) and its two parasitoids Aphytis melinus DeBach, 1959 and A.  lepidosaphes Compere, 1955 (Hymenoptera Aphelinidae) on lemons orchads in two localities of Mitidja Algeria
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 417–426

Danilo Scuderi, Morena Tisselli & Pasquale Micali
Melanella cyclopia n. sp. (Gastropoda Eulimidae) from Eastern Sicily
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 427–434

Calogero Muscarella
New and summary data on the Scarabaeoidea (Insecta Coleoptera) of the Circumsicilian Islands
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 435–442
https://doi.org/10.31396/Biodiv.Jour.2022.13.2. 435.442


Franck Boyer & Walter Renda
Revision of Gibberula philippii (Monterosato, 1878) in a populational approach (Gastropoda Cystiscidae)
Biodiversity Journal, 2022, 13 (2): 443–478



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