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Biodiversity Journal 2017, Monograph: 45-310

  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 045-046 - MONOGRAPH
    Pietro Minissale
    Juniperus turbinata Guss. (Cupressaceae).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 047-048 - MONOGRAPH
    Giorgio Sabella
    Introduction. Considerations on the International Congress“Biodiversity, Mediterranean, Society”.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 049-058 - MONOGRAPH
    Alessandro Minelli
    Modern taxonomic and biogeographic approaches to biodiversity in the Mediterranean area.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 059-064 - MONOGRAPH
    Ettore Petralia, Massimo Berico, Teresa La Torretta, Antonella Malaguti, Milena Stracquadanio & Chiara Telloli
    Identification of emission sources from data of PM2.5 chemical speciation measured with automatic monitors: application in a coastal site of the Mediterranean basin.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 065-072 - MONOGRAPH
    Venera Ferrito & Anna Maria Pappalardo
    Seafood species identification by DNA barcoding, a molecular tool for food traceability.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 073-078 - MONOGRAPH
    Oscar Lisi, Valerio Vaccalluzzo & Vera D’Urso
    Survey on the presence of phlebotominae sandflies in eastern Sicily and connected risk of leishmaniasis.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 079-086 - MONOGRAPH
    Giorgio Sabella, Fabio Massimo Viglianisi, Sergio Rotondi & Filadelfo Brogna
    Preliminary observations on the use of drones in the environmental monitoring and in the management of protected areas.  The case study of  “R.N.O.  Vendicari”, Syracuse (Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 087-104 - MONOGRAPH
    Pietro Minissale & Saverio Sciandrello
    The wild vascular flora of the Archaeological Park of Neapolis in Syracuse and surrounding areas (Sicily, Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 105-112 - MONOGRAPH
    Paolo Balistreri & Anna Maria Mannino
    Preliminary data on the occurrence of alien macroalgae in the vermetid reef along the coasts of Favignana Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 113-118 - MONOGRAPH
    Rosa Termine
    Breeding of Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis C.L. Brehm, 1831 (Aves Podicipedidae) in the SCI and SPA ITA060002 “Lago di Pergus” (Sicily, Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 119-121 - MONOGRAPH
    Ilia Gjonov
    Mycterodus arpadi Dlabola, 1977 (Hemiptera Issidae): a new record from Europe.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 123-144 - MONOGRAPH
    Giulio Cuccodoro
    Review of the observations of aggregates of Steninae reported since 1856 (Coleoptera Staphylinidae).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 145-150 - MONOGRAPH
    Vera D’Urso, Oscar Lisi & Giorgio Sabella
    The alien leafhopper Balclutha brevis Lindberg, 1954 (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae) and its hostplant, the invasive Poaceae Pennisetum setaceum (Försskal) Chiov.: a real risk in the scenario of Mediterranean land biodiversity?
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 151-184 - MONOGRAPH
    Adalgisa Guglielmino, Enrico Scarici, Alessandro De Santis & Christoph Bückle
    Study on flora and Auchenorrhyncha biocenoses (Insecta Hemiptera) in moist areas considered restricted relics of the ancient Lacus Velinus in the provinces of  Terni and Rieti (Umbria and Latium, Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 185-192 - MONOGRAPH
    Giorgio Sabella, Rostislav Bekchiev & Rumyana Kostova
    Pselaphinae (Coleoptera Staphylinidae) from Sicily and Calabria (Italy). Results from a short entomological expedition in April, 2015.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 193-204 - MONOGRAPH
    Alberto Villari & Danilo Scuderi
    Taxonomical notes on some poorly known mollusca species from the Strait of Messina (Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 205-210 - MONOGRAPH
    Francesco Pusateri, Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli & Peter Stahlschmidt
    Description of a new species of the genus Raphitoma Bellardi, 1847 from the Mediterranean Sea (Mollusca Neogastropoda Conoidea Raphitomidae).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 211-238 - MONOGRAPH
    Fabio Liberto, Mauro Grano, Cristina Cattaneo & Salvo Giglio
    Some note on land mollusks of Chalki and Alimia (Dodecanese Islands, Greece).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 239-248 - MONOGRAPH
    Vincenzo Di Martino & Bessy Stancanelli
    Benthos communities of Vendicari and Capo Passero, two potential MPA’s in South Eastern Sicily (Italy).
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 249-278 - MONOGRAPH
    Calogero Muscarella & Alessandro Baragona
    The endemic fauna of the sicilian islands.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 8 (1): 279-310 - MONOGRAPH
    Ignazio Sparacio, Tommaso La Mantia, Maria Stella Colomba, Fabio Liberto, Agatino Reitano & Salvo Giglio
    Qanat, Gebbie and water source: the last refuge for the malacologica freshwater fauna in Palermo (Sicily, Italy).