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Biodiversity Journal 2022, Monograph: 531-585

  • Biodiversity Journal, 13 (3): 0531-0585 - MONOGRAPH

    Pietro Lo Cascio, Giovanni Altadonna & Philippe Ponel
    Diversity and distribution of beetles in a Mediterranean volcanic archipelago: an updated checklist of the Coleoptera of the Aeolian Islands (Sicily, Italy)

    This paper provides a faunal inventory of the Coleoptera of the Aeolian Islands, including both the list of 669 species so far recorded and its update with 192 new records for the archipelago. Sericoderus brevicornis Matthews, 1890 (Corylophidae) is new for Italy; for Anthicus crinitus La Ferté-Sénectère, 1849 (Anthicidae) the second record in Italy is given; Pangus scaritides (Sturm, 1818), Tachyura curvimana (Wollaston, 1854) (Carabidae), Arthrolips convexiuscula (Motschulsky, 1849) (Corylophidae), Dignomus irroratus (Kiesenwetter, 1851) (Ptinidae), Megaloscapa punctipennis (Kraatz, 1856) (Staphylinidae), Aclees taiwanensis Kôno, 1933, Cryphalus numidicus Eichhoff, 1878 and Hypothenemus leprieuri (Perris, 1866) (Curculionidae) are new for Sicily; Migneauxia crassiuscula (Aubé, 1850) (Latridiidae) and Phloeotribus cristatus (Fauvel, 1889) (Curculionidae) are confirmed for this region. For 193 species new distributional data are also given; among these latter, some concern the narrow endemics Firminus massai Arnone, Lo Cascio et Grita, 2014 (Scarabaeidae), Catomus aeolicus Ponel, Lo Cascio et Soldati, 2020, Leptoderis zelmerloewae Ferrer, 2015, Nalassus pastai Aliquò, Leo et Lo Cascio, 2006 (Tenebrionidae) and Pseudomeira aeolica Bellò, Pesarini et Pierotti, 1997 (Curculionidae). The inventory highlights an increasing abundance of alien species, some of which have only recently been reported at national or regional scale, that evidently spread rapidly even in isolated environments such as an archipelago. Some biogeographical considerations on the beetle fauna of these islands are given in the discussion.