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Manuscripts should be sent only by e-mail to: biodiversityjournal@gmail.com

Authors should provide manuscripts in doubled-spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), justified (with margins of 3 cm) MS Word format. Only Latin names of species, genera and plant associations can be in italics. Each Latin name must be followed (at least when used for the first time) by unabbreviated name of the author, comma, and the year of description.
Please provide the first page according to the following scheme:
- Title of the paper (not capitalised);
- Full name of the Author/s (not capitalised);
- Affiliation/s;
- Abstract;
- Key words (up to five key words in alphabetical order and separated with semicolons);
- Grants-in-aid when occurring.
Manuscript should be assembled in the following order: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion (if applicable), Acknowledgements (optional), References. Tables and figures (JPEG/TIFF format – 300 DPI) should be cited in the appropriate area in the text and numbered consecutively.

Bibliographic references in the text must be given as follows:
(White, 1998) or White (1998) or (White & Red, 1998) or (White, 1998; Red, 1999; Green, 2000), and, if more than two Authors, (White et al., 1998).
References must be made as follows
First Author A. & Second Author B., 1998. Title of the article. Name of the journal, 10: 124-224.
First Author A., Second Author B. & Third Author C., 1998. Title of the book. Publishing Co., Town, 263 pp.
First Author A., Second Author B. & Third Author C., 1998. Title of the chapter. In: First Editor A., Second Editor B. & Third Editor C. 1998. Title of the book. Publishing Co., Town, 263-315.

Drawings, photographs, maps and graphs are considered to be figures. They must be marked by Arabic numbers and referred in the text as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and so on. Captions must be always grouped on a separate page. Other electronic formats of figures than JPEG or TIFF should agreed with the Editors.

Tables must be referred in the text as Table 1, Table 2, and so on. Tables, whose size should not exceed 19 x 12.5 cm, are to be realized in 10pt Times New Roman font, Word format. Captions must be always grouped on a separate page. For specific complex table, please contact the Editors.

Colour plates
The Publisher will consider colour plates if costs will be supported by the authors (see authors fees section).

Additional files
Online publishing allows occasions where an author wishes to provide data sets, tables, video files, or other information as additional information. The maximum file size for additional files is 20 MB each, and files must be virus-scanned on submission.
Any additional files will be linked into the final published article in the form supplied by the author, but will not be displayed within the paper. They will be made available in exactly the same form as originally provided.
As with figure files, files should be given the standard file-extensions. Each additional file is a single table, figure or movie.

All manuscripts are peer reviewed .The journal makes every effort to complete the peer review process as quickly as possible. Works will be accepted for publication only after revision. The revised version will be sent back to the Author for the necessary correction. Proofs will be sent to the Author together with the manuscript for his/her final revision. Corrections must be marked in red colour. The proofs and manuscript must be returned to the editor within 21 days upon receipt.

For further information, please contact to: biodiversityjournal@gmail.com



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