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Biodiversity Journal 2021, 12 (2): 275-536

  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0275-0276
    Arturo Viviano
    Abies nebrodensis (Lojac.) Mattei, 1908 (Pinacee, Pinales)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0277-0282
    Serge Gofas & Luigi Romani
    A new minute eulimid (Caenogastropoda Eulimidae) from the western Iberian Peninsula
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0283-0288
    Fatima Zohra Meftah, Noury Benabadji & Abdessamad Merzouk
    New data on some matorralized soils in the western Algerian region
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0289-0295
    Gennaro Viggiani
    Biological notes on some egg parasitoids of Phaneroptera nana Fieber, 1853 (Orthoptera  Tettigoniidae) with description of a new species of Aprostocetus Westwood, 1833 (Hymenoptera Eulophidae) from Italy
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0297-0300
    Fabio Cianferoni, Maria Roggero, Roberto A. Pantaleoni & Laura Loru
    Nagusta goedelii (Kolenati, 1857) (Hemiptera Heteroptera Reduviidae) in Sardinia: human-mediated dispersal aids this species to spread west
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0301-0311
    Shehada I. Tawasil, Ranjiv D.  Alibon & Sophia L. Bensali
    Species diversity of Echinoderms in Manubul Island, Sulu Province, Southern Philippines
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0313-0318
    Edoardo Pulvirenti, Francesco Cervoni & Daniele Marini
    New data on Anthaxia (Anthaxia) lucens Küster, 1852 (Buprestidae Coleoptera) in the proposed extension of Inviolata Regional Park and its presence in Latium (Central Italy)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0319-0323
    Djamel Anteur, Fatima Belhacini, Bachir Zahafi, Youcef Fekir, Djillali Baghdadi & Hamadouche Mohamed Amine
    Diagnosis of the floristic diversity in south of Saida (west Algerian steppe)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0325-0334
    Fabio Liberto, Abdelmuhsen Abusneina & Ignazio Sparacio
    New data on slugs and semi-slugs from Cyrenaika (north-eastern Libya) (Parmacellidae, Limacidae, Agriolimacidae, Veronicellidae)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0335-0343
    Andrea Lombardo & Giuliana Marletta
    Contribution to the knowledge of Bosellia mimetica Trinchese, 1891 (Gastropoda Sacoglossa) and its seasonality along the central-eastern coast of Sicily (Ionian Sea)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0345-0356
    Wafa Tahar, Lyamine Mezedjri & Ali Tahar
    Hydric pollution assessment generated through the petrochemical industrial zone in the Skikda region (North-East Algeria)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0357-0359
    Antonino Dentici & Franco Ciro Amata
    Prodidomus amaranthinus (Lucas, 1846) (Araneae Gnaphosidae) new for the Italian Araneofauna
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0361-0368
    Zulfiya Jalal gizi Mammadova
    Assessment of cenopopulations of some economically important species of the Astragalus L. (Fabales Fabaceae) genus distributed in Azerbaijan
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0369-0378
    Ibrahim Benmechta, Rédda Aboura & Brahim Babali
    Composition and diversity of Osyris L. (Santalales Santalacae) communities in the Tlemcen region
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0379-0384
    Francesca Crispino, Martina Costanzo, Angelo Lucia & Giacomo Gervasio
    Early and double breeding in a pack of hybrid wolves in Calabria (Southern Italy)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0385-0390
    Jennyveive P. Cabigquez, Leia Andion N. Corrales, Angelica O. Millama & Richel E. Relox
    Effect of Microclimate on Avifaunal Diversity in Brgy. Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0391-0402
    Jannik Scherer, Michael Wink, Uwe Schröder & Miguel Vences
    Newly developed microsatellite markers for the Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Accipiter nisus (Linnaeus, 1758), with a preliminary assessment of its genetic variation
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0403-0433
    Marco Giordano, Angelo Troia & Vincenzo Ilardi
    Floristic survey of the former royal hunting reserve of Renda, near Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0435-0440
    Antonino Sciortino & Mauro Grano
    New reporting of a residual population of Italian crested newt Triturus carnifex (Laurenti, 1768) (Amphibia Caudata) within the city of Rome (Italy)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0441-0462
    Paolo Galasso, Carlo Cappuzzello, Egle Gambino, Giancarlo Torre, Gabriele Galasso & Nino Patti
    Avifauna of “Sicilian southeast swamp lakes” and surroundings areas (Ragusa and Syracuse, Sicily) with commented records of interest
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0463-0466
    Gianfranco Curletti
    Two new species of Agrilus Curtis, 1825 (Coleoptera Buprestidae) from Sicily, with one of Maghreb
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0467-0474
    Mauro Grano & Cristina Cattaneo
    Rediscovery of Assyriella rechingeri (Fuchs et Käufel, 1936) (Gastropoda Helicidae) in Karpathos Island (Dodecanese, Greece)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0475-0482
    Farah Bessaid, Okkacha Hasnaoui, Brahim Babali, Sid Ahmed Aouadj
    Post-fire regeneration of cork Oak and holm Oak at Tlemcen National Park (Western Algeria)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0483-0492
    Maurizio Forli & Carlo Smriglio
    A new species of Tonnoidea Suter, 1813 (Gastropoda Bursidae) for the Italian Pliocene: Bursa transeuntis n. sp.
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0493-0494
    Antonio Scupola
    On the presence of the Amoimyrmex silvestrii (Emery, 1805) in Bolivia (Hymenoptera Formicidae)
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0495-0500
    Fatima Zohra Boumaza, Hayet Beldi, Brahim Draredja, Bilal Filali & Noureddine Soltani
    Composition and distribution of Patellidae (Mollusca Gastropoda) in the Algerian East coast: the case of Jijel
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0501-0512
    Valeriano Spadini
    New contribution to knowledge of Sienese scleractinians
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0513-0516
    Antonio Scupola
    First record of Pheidole indica Mayr, 1879 (Hymenoptera Formicidae) from Jordan
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0517-0528
    Mary Carmen Quispe Mamani, Jose Francisco Villasante Benavides, Daniel feriz García, César R. Luque-Fernández, Anthony Pauca Tanco & Luis Nolberto Villegas Paredes
    Diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates and water quality of the High Andean wetlands of Chalhuanca, Arequipa-Peru
  • Biodiversity Journal, 12 (2): 0529-0534
    Fabio Liberto, Abdelmuhsen Abusneina & Ignazio Sparacio
    First record of Monacha (Monacha) obstructa (L. Pfeiffer, 1842) and Polygyra cereolus (Megerle von Mühlfeldt, 1818) (Stylommatophora Hygromiidae, Polygyridae) in Libya